Happy Birthday Sausage Saloon 2016

18th Oct 2016


Changing the world one hotdog at a time

Over our 19 years of serving what we like to call ‘Probably the best hotdogs in the world’ our original vision of changing the world one hotdog at a time is growing day by day.


We have actively support charities from school shoe drives to epic Christmas parties. We love giving back, making a diference and having fun while doing it.


We empower our staff to grow with the brand through an advancement guidence program that enourages them to express themselves at work. We share the same enthusiasm about the brand and this intrinsic approach resignates with our blue print. (Follow what drives you) From Staff going on to follow their passions in other fields to actually opening up thier own stores.


This year we are celebrating our Birthday by selling our Original Legendary Cheese Griller at the very same price we sold them for 19years ago. Our stores are prepped and ready to go.


Please note that T&C’s will apply, avaiable at participating stores and while stocks last. Get to your nearest Sausage Saloon early to avoid any disappointment .