Langeberg Mall meets the Monster

7th Jul 2016

Sausage Saloon are very proud to announce their arrival at Langeberg Mall Mossel Bay with the Monster Manhattan.

This upmarket mall is located in the beautiful town of Mossel Bay in the Cape. It is a unique shopping mall that attracts visitors and locals. There is something for everyone in this well maintained mall from high fashion boutiques, food centres, fine restaurants and banking facilities to name only a few.

Sausage Saloon opened the doors with a bang on Friday the the 1st of July. The immediate comments from the 1st few customers were that Sausage Saloon were “July’ing” with the price points that are on the menu. The impressive price points are backed up by the immense quality of the products, it is no wonder why the rest of the Garden Route are calling out for more Sausage Saloon stores to open.

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, come and spend some quality time in the Langeberg Mall for all your shopping requirements AND make sure you get your hands on the hotdog everyone is calling “THE MONSTER”